• With a our own in house cabinet makers and our advanced facilities any type of interior cabinetry, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom furniture can be manufactured. Over the years we have manufactured some truly one off pieces from 10 by 4 foot Black Walnut tables to walk in wardrobes.

  • Our Kitchens are truly bespoke kitchens, we have no set ranges or restricted with moulding and tooling, they are “blank canvases” so to speak and can be made to suit individual tastes.  Whether a classic painted shaker kitchen or a solid black Walnut kitchen to something more modern and minimal, the choices are endless, a lot of customers already have a basic idea of the look they want to achieve.  We simply take this on board and work with you to design a few options. We also take into consideration the style and feel of the building the Kitchen or Cabinet is going in then produce some drawings which can be a hand drawing or scaled drawing done on CAD .   Although obviously you can come to me and look at some samples of doors and cabinets or a design of your kitchen and  we can then produce it. Although this may miss the point of having a totally bespoke kitchen made.

  • All framing to our carcasses are made using high quality selected timber which species depends on your choice of kitchen, and our carcasses are made out of high quality solid birch plywood which is extremely dense and stable with a pleasing finish, this gives our carcasses the ability to live a lifetime.  Drawers are constructed using the unbeatable dovetail joint, our dovetails are made in a way which is quite unique in that the pins and tails are not uniform in there widths, which is the case with most other kitchen manufactures making them look “mass produced”. We find by doing this and by sometimes mixing the timber species (if the customer requires) the sides and back/ front of the drawer gives a totally hand made feel to the drawer which stands out from the run of the mill cabinetry, and it’s these little attentions to detail we carry out on our work, which makes them stand out as high quality with an emphasis on craftsmanship not mass production.

  • Materials are chosen from a wide range of suppliers, most of which are bought locally within the area. UK grown Hardwoods like Ash and Beech are sometimes over looked due to fact they are not marketed or as commercially available as imported timbers. We have a great local source of all UK Hardwoods and Softwoods and believe they are some of the most attractive and stable timbers available for fine cabinetry. We also use Granites or man made materials like Corian, it will only be of the best quality to go into our products.

The media unit is fabulous and looks great – we know we will get a similar great product that we will be pleased with for the dressing room. Thank you!
Paul from Chepstow
You’re very talented Miles. Your work looks fantastic.