Project Description

We had a great challenging enquiry here to replace some old rotten/poorly manufactured curved sash windows….when clients usually ask for curved it usually means the head is curved or arched…not the glass and sash!! As you can see from the photo’s, these are starting to let the wall drop!

Accoya with its great stability and longevity was really the only timber deemed suitable for this project. Machined into small sections and bonded back together (Glue Lam) the chosen method.
After many hours of making forma’s for the relevant components required, using a vacuum press to improve the adhesion of the glue to the Accoya.

Finished product to match the originals. All manufacture using Accoya with its 50 year against rot warranty and 12 year maintenance cycle with Teknos AquaTop coatings gives the customer “peace of mind” on such a important structural part the property.
We were very pleased with the overall finish of the windows and there vast improvement on the original windows both in performance and design.